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Dr. Calvin Hong Li学术报告通知

报告人:Dr. Calvin Hong Li

报告人单位:Department of Mechanical Engineering Villanova University

报告题目:SUSTAINABILITY AND NANOENGINEERING:Redefining Sustainability through Nano-Scale Control





In recent years nanoengineered materials have been one of the most important and exciting forefront research topics in energy, medical, and security. They have demonstrated, and promised even greater breakthroughs in the funamentals that will change the directions of the technological advances in a wide range of applications. This talk will emphasize on the nanoEngineered materials that facility the timely utilizations in ultra-high heat flux phase-change thermal management and energy conversion systems, and briefly discuss multifold benefits in a nanoparticle enabled drug delivery system. Some latest experimental, simulation and theoretical study in Dr. Li’s lab will be presented and discussed with the focus of the induced properties and features from nanoengineered materials.


Dr. Li starts working as an assistant professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Villanova University in Spring 2011, where he is establishing the NanoEngineered Interfacial and Phase Change Transfer Laboratory (NovaNano Lab). Previously in the University of Toledo, Dr. Li has been an assistant professor leading the Nanoscale Thermal and Fluidics Engineering Laboratory for three and a half years. Dr. Li has 2 pending patents and 35 book, book chapters, journal and conference proceeding papers. Dr. Li also has worked in DoE National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden CO, and U.S. Air Force Wright Patterson Research Laboratory, OH, as a visiting scientist. Dr. Li has received the DoE Summer Fellowship, deArce Memorial Endorsement Award, UT Strategic Enhancement Award (former Research Excellent Award) and nominated for College of Engineering Excellent Undergraduate Researcher Mentor, and was invited to the DoE 2010 Science and Energy Research Challenge (SERCh) at Argonne National Laboratory. Dr. Li’s research interests are in thermo-fluidics (boiling), renewable energy (fuel cell and concentrating solar power), nanotechnology (nanofluids and nanoscale thermal transport) and Human Health (nanodrug delivery).

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